Saturday, November 24, 2012

The BEST Holiday Book List For Kids

Yes, I am up to my ears in fabric and half finished projects, but I had to take a break today to swap out the kids bookrack books...out with the fall books, in with the HOLIDAY books! Woohoo!  We have a large cabinet that holds all their books, but each season I switch out the books we put in their bookrack so new books are always on display.  It keeps them excited about books they already have but maybe haven't read in awhile, and it's a fun way to welcome new seasons.  Here's a picture of our fantastic bookrack from Pottery Barn Kids:

I stalked it for months before it went on sale, at the EXACT moment I got a PB Kids coupon in the mail.  Clearly, that was a sign it was meant to be MINE! :)

Our holiday/winter/Christmas book collection is actually a LOT bigger than I thought (see, even I lose track of the fantastic books we have when they are hidden away in a cabinet where only their spine can be seen).  When I was talking to a couple friends about holiday books, it was fun to see the different books we have (mine mostly come from our local library's used bookstore) so I thought I would share this list of our favorites.  You might have all of them already, or find some new fun ones to read this year!  I tried to include links on most of them so you can easily find more info on them if you're interested.  Happy reading! :)

The BEST Holiday/Winter/Christmas Book List for Kids begins....NOW: ;)

2. Redbird at Rockefeller Center by Peter Maloney (this is an absolute FAVORITE in our house...and we get to talk to the kids about some of the places in our old stomping ground...NYC!)

4. The Bears' Christmas by Stan and Jane Berenstain (the old school one, where Papa Bear is still goofy and hilarious...I don't like the new Papa who is wise and mature.) :)

6. The Penguin that Hated the Cold (we had to find this one on ebay, but the kids LOVE it)

9. The Nutcracker by Susan Jeffers (We take the kids to see the Nutcracker ballet every year and reading the book first really helped them understand what was going on in the also helped my husband who after the 3rd year finally admitted he had no idea what was happening in the ballet.) :)

Well, I stopped at 10 but there are LOTS more where those came from. :) Let me know in the comments what your favorite holiday books for children are.

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